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Medi Bill RCM offers comprehensive emergency room medical billing services to healthcare facilities across various states in the USA. Trusted by many healthcare services providers units, Medi Bill meticulously provides end-to-end ERs billing and revenue cycle management solution to:

  • Hospital Emergency Rooms Billing
  • Freestanding Emergency Rooms

Freestanding Emergency Room has increasingly popular around the US and particularly in Texas State as it expedites the healthcare accessibility to communities and people in need of medical assistance. Though, Freestanding ERs provide much-needed medical assistants to people, however emergency rooms billing services are amongst the most challenging chores in the entire revenue cycle management process.

Furthermore, we strongly believe in our top-notch services. You just care for patients and leave the rest for Medi Bill RCM. You do patient care, as it is a tough job to do, and we will care for your ERs billing process . Our extensive billing services let you free your mind from the headache of getting insurance claims. With our service, your in-house team does not need to be involved in keeping checks and balances on claims. We are professional in handling all your financial issues.

MediBill RCM Emergency Room Medical Billing Services

Our seasoned emergency rooms billing experts crew has amassed over 20 years of accumulative experience in effectively handling out-of-network billing and coding services and ER’s billing in numerous healthcare facilities across America. At Medi Bill RCM, our comprehensive end-to-end emergency rooms billing services covers. 

  • Patient Eligibility Verification
  • Explanation of Benefits ( EOB)
  • Precise Billing and Coding
  • Prompt Claims Submission
  • Insurance Negotiations
  • Swift Follow Up
  • Accounts Receivable (AR) Analysis
  • AR Recovery
  • Patients Billing

As a trusted healthcare revenue management partner since last five years, we have helped increase cash flows for our clients, substantially reduced claim denials and rejections by seamlessly automating their emergency rooms billing processes with accurate coding, and in compliance with payer’s regulations.

Medi Bill RCM’s professional ER’s billing and coding wizards have the right strategy on out of network negotiation. With our ER’s services, we ensure you get paid on time for services rendered.

Patient Eligibility Verification

Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

Precise Billing and Coding

Prompt Claim Submission

Insurance Negotiations

Swift Follow Up

Account Receivables Analysis

AR Recovery

Patients Billing

Our Emergency Room Revenue Cycle Management Process

In the US healthcare system, emergency room’s revenue cycle management (RCM) is an intricate procedure and paying attention to minute details. Our end-to-end RCM servicers delivery starts with patient’s appointment and closes upon successfully receiving of payments from the partnered medical insurance companies for services rendered to patients during the course of diagnose.

With years of expertise in optimizing healthcare revenue cycle management in Texas and various other States across America, our medical billing and coding experts promptly deliver top-notch ER coding and billing services, aligned to contemporary practices and compliance.

The emergency room’s RCM process step include

  • Integration of EHR and RCM Software
  • Insurance Eligibility and Verification
  • Patient Pre-certification or Pre-authorizations
  • Demographics and Charge Entry
  • Co-payments and Deductibles
  • Filing claims/ Claims submission/ Claim Processing
  • Successful reimbursement for the services rendered
  • Out of network negotiations handling
  • Denials Management
  • Emergency Room billing and collection services
  • Insurance appeals for denied and underpaid claims
  • Refunds Management

Why Choose Medi Bill RCM ER's Billing and Coding Solutions

At MedBillrcm, we deliver comprehensive revenue cycle management across USA, tailored to meet the needs and budget of almost every healthcare services provider.

Whether you are a private practitioner,  running a small clinic, a specialty medical facility or a midsize size hospital; our passionate billing crew at MediBillRCM has years of demonstrated experience of providing quality billing and coding servicers to hospital emergency rooms, freestanding emergency rooms and a range of other medical specialties practitioners in the US.

Following are some of the clients that we have made them feel comfortable working with us for long term.

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Affordable Outsourced Emergency Rooms Billing Services

The reason behind our growth as a leading billing and coding company in North America lies in not only providing quality services, but also keeping the price tag very market competitive. This blind of value for less money invested has earned us many long term healthcare services providers’ clients in Texas and across various other States.

Catch in Outsourcing Your ERs Billing and Coding Online

When you go for outsourcing your emergency room billing services, you, as a healthcare practitioner choose to get focused on your patients, while we manage all the financial and revenue management chores. In addition, opting a trusted outsourced medical billing and coding team also assist in providing HIPAA compliant ER billing services, and incorporating sophisticated front line software and innovative tools that make practicing hustle-free.   

Our emergency rooms certified billing professionals are available 24/7 to consult and educate you with insights from the real-time healthcare industry to foster growth and productivity

What Makes Us Best Emergency Room Medical Billing Company

We, at MediBillRCM, with over five years of experience in delivering top-notch billing services at very reasonable prices has been something that let us tick in the ever evolving medical revenue cycle management industry.                  

  • Our RCM team ensures that your front-end denials are reduced to less than 5%.
  • Improve the reimbursement per encounter according to geographic standards.
  • Reduce manual entry concerns and improve RCM system efficiency.
  • Improve the correctness of the coding and overall collections.
  • Improvement in Out of Network Negotiations and settlement rates.
  • Payment posting and refunds adjustment to improve the cash flow.
  • Account manager dedicated to all your requirements.
  • Provide high quality and error-free emergency room billing and collection services.
  • We always increase the collection ratio of our clients as a result of faster account receivable process and on time follow up.
  • Use the latest technology and tools for coding and billing
  • Offer Services that are easily scalable at all times.