Urology Billing and Coding Services

Urology Billing and Coding Solutions as Low as 2.30%

Urology Billing Services Medical Billing and Coding

Urologists can find the best solutions for their billing services from Medi Bill RCM.  At our facility, you can get all the solutions for urology and subspecialties including urologic oncology, renal transplantation, male infertility, female urology, neuro-urology, pediatric urology, and calculi. The reliability of our services is that our professional urology coders facilitate healthcare providers with accurate, fast, and security-compliant urology billing services. The services result in revenue optimisation, denial resolution, and practice improvement. 

At Medi Bill RCM, you can get the following services related to the Urology Medical Billing and coding services.

  • Urology Medical Coding
  • Financial Reporting
  • Insurance Authentication and Verification for Urology Services 
  • Patient Appointments and Follow-up Reminders 
  • ICD-10 CODES
  • Code Range: 50010 – 58294
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Outsource Urology Medical Billing Services and save up to 15%

Medical billing for urology services is a complicated process like other specialities. There are high chance of errors in medical billing and coding if prepared by unprofessional and inexperienced staff. So, to help healthcare providers avoid frustration about coding and billing, Medi Bill RCM has a one-stop solution. At our facility, we strictly adhere to our goal to maximize our clients’ revenue by preparing and submitting bills on time, managing denial and rejection, and following up on the submitted bills. 

In addition, here are some benefits of outsourcing urology medical billing services which is why healthcare providers choose instead of in-house teams. 

More Focus on Patient Care

Doctors at their practice can provide the best treatment services to the patients if they outsource their medical billing services. Furthermore, as Medi Bill RCM handles your billing and coding, your team members can engage with patients and can satisfy them with the services you provide. It will increase the patent flow to your center, and ultimately grow your revenue.

Reduced Billing Errors

Preparing bills for urology services is complicated therefore it is common to make errors which leads to claim delay or rejection. But, if you outsource a medical billing service provider, you can reduce billing errors. As a result, you can get reimbursement instantly.

Lower Cost

By outsourcing urology medical billing services you can lower the cost and expenses at your practice. However, if you want to hire an in-house team, it will cost you huge expenses as you have to pay employee salaries, training, equipment costs, office rent, etc. 

Furthermore, the outsourced medical companies manage your practice and keep it under control using advanced software which will enable you to increase your revenue by completely focusing on providing services to your patients.

Process of Urology Medical Billing and Coding

At Medi Bill RCM, we go through a complete process to provide services for Urology medical billing and coding. The process includes:

  • Insurance Eligibility Verification Services
  • Demographics & Charge Entry Services
  • Urology Billing & Analysis
  • AR Follow up Services
  • Urology Services Collection & Denial Analysis
  • Payment Posting
  • Providers Credentialing Services
  • Urology EMR/EHR Billing Software We Support

Our urology billing process ensures efficiency, accuracy, and maximum revenue for your practice. We start by verifying insurance eligibility, calculating deductibles, and checking for any pre-authorization requirements. Then, we accurately enter patient demographics and charges before reviewing files and assigning appropriate urology codes.

Following this, we manage accounts receivable, handle denial analysis and appeals, and ensure timely reimbursement. Additionally, we provide payment posting, provider credentialing, and support for various urology EMR/EHR billing software systems. With our comprehensive urology billing process, your revenue cycle management is optimized, allowing you to focus on providing excellent patient care.