Mental Health Billing and Coding Solution

Mental Health Billing Service As Low As 2.30%

Psychiatric and Mental Health Billing Services Made Easy

The Medi Bill RCM has been the  first go to option for various specialized healthcare providers including psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health counselors, and other mental health professionals. Our professional medical billers provide them with psychiatric and mental health billing services with the perfect solution as the specialty requires the billing service providers to have a deep understanding of coding, bill preparation, and knowledge about mental health and treatment. 

Get the Best Services of Medi Bill RCM for Psychiatric and Mental Health Specialty

We facilitate our clients with medical billing and coding services for various specialties. Our services are the best for those healthcare providers who provide patients with psychiatric and mental health services.  Here are some of the features of our services.

  • Our professional medical billers are experts in psychiatric and mental health billing services, and are familiar with the Diagnosis Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). 
  • The expert at our facility can accurately translate the diagnosis made by mental health services providers into accurate codes. 
  • Professional medical coders at Medi Bill RCM use specific codes for mental health services just like other medical services. The codes include CPT codes or (Current Procedural Terminology) which are used for services provided such as psychiatric evaluations, psychotherapy sessions, medication management, and group therapy. 

Our medical coders are also experts in writing ICD codes (International Classification of Diseases) which are used for diagnosis or reason for the services provided. Simply, these codes are not for treatment but are used for identifying various mental health disorders. 

Medical billers at Medi Bill RCM, in this speciality, are experts in handling tasks related to insurance verification and getting authorization for mental health services. First, they verify patients’ insurance coverage for mental health services. The other process is determining their copayments, deductibles, and coverage limits, and getting prior authorization from insurance companies for the service.

The professional medical billers at our facility are well-trained and educated about Mental Health Laws and Regulations.

Why Choose Medi Bill RCM for Your Mental Health Billing Services for Your Specialty Center

The Medi Bill RCM is not just an outsourced organization, but it is your co-partner to boost up your revenue by processing your medical bills instantly after you provide mental health services. You can read here how we follow up on claims after the healthcare providers facilitate patients.

  • We submit claims to medical insurance companies for reimbursement. 
  • We ensure the claims are free of any error to get instant payments
  • Our experts include all the necessary information about mental health services i.e. diagnosis and treatment
  • We also provide reports to our clients on denials of claims and timely inform them on follow-ups and updates. 
  • The professional medical billers at our facility are well-trained and educated about Mental Health Laws and Regulations because they need to be knowledgeable about mental health laws.
  • We strictly adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Our team members are experts in effective communication as it is essential to communicate properly between patients and mental health service providers which will assist patients to know their billing coverage and healthcare providers to diagnose property for better treatment.[/read]  

Get Registered for Psychiatric and Mental Health Billing Services

Our clients have the benefit of an easy registration process for the Psychiatric and Mental Health specialty. They process a complete procedure for the purpose.

Gather Information i.e. Provider’s personal information, Practice information, License information. 

  • Verify Insurance Panels by researching different insurance companies and their network to determine which insurance panel is the best option for a mental healthcare provider
  • Complete Provider Applications and submit it to the insurance panel which is chosen by the healthcare provider
  • Submit Required Documentation i.e. Copies of licenses, certifications, and credentials, W-9 form or other tax-related documentation, additional forms or disclosures requested by the insurance company
  • Credentialing Process as some insurance companies require credentialing to verify the provider’s qualifications and background.
  • Contract Review and Negotiation
  • Receive Approval
  • Update Billing System
  • Communicate with Providers to inform mental health providers that they have successfully registered or enrolled with the specific insurance company.
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