Cardiology Billing and Coding Services

Cardiology Billing and Coding Solutions As Low As 2.30%

Cardiology Medical Billing and Coding Solutions

Medi Bill RCM facilitates you to update your revenue cycle and grow your operational efficiency with our customized cardiology billing services. You can deliver exceptional patient care by outsourcing us for your billing and coding. We provide cardiology services using our expertise in:

  • Peripheral Studies
  • Diagnostic Cardiology Procedures
  • Cardiac-Periphery interventions
  • Pediatric Cardiology
  • Nuclear Cardiology

However, our expertise are not only limited to these, our professional team is updated with the current trends and needs in the industry. 

The highly evolving technologies and complex diagnostic procedures in cardiology medical billing have become complex. In addition, the advancement in the speciality has led to complex and ever-changing codes. Therefore, physicians and doctors at healthcare centres cannot manage billing and coding for cardiology services. 

The services of Medi Bill RCM are very helpful for healthcare providers because there are frequent changes in codes during cardiology services such as iliac repair, angioplasty, stent replacement, ECG recording, etc. Without the services of professional billers and coders, cardiology practices may lose a large amount of revenue as a result of preparing bills with errors. The experts at our facility are highly trained and certified coders well aware of the recent trends and developments in the cardiology billing. They can increase your revenue by identifying and fixing errors in your bills and codes after you provide services to your patients. 

Why Outsource Cardiology Medical Billing Services To Medi Bill RCM?

We provide you with various services, particularly cardiology billing services to let you focus on patient care that will result in getting more patients inspired by your services. By outsourcing Medi Bill RCM for your cardiology billing, you can boost your revenue cycle as cardiology medical billing is considered the foundation of the healthcare revenue cycle system. 

Furthermore, we comply with government rules and private-payer standards which help you to maximize your collections through our cardiology billing programs. We assist cardiology practices to get their reimbursement instantly and increase their revenue as we have years of experience in medical billing and coding services. Our professional and experienced team carry out the overall process, from patient registration to claim filing, faster and more efficiently. 

  • Enhanced cash flow
  • 99% claim rate
  • Minimize a/r delays
  • Starts from 2.95% of your collections
  • Fewer claim denials and rejections
  • Ehr flexible solutions
  • A dedicated team of high experts

What We Cover in Cardiology Services at Medi Bill RCM

We facilitate you with a range of services using modern cardiac medical billing software. The cardiology medical billing services that you can get at Medi Bill RCM are:

  • Management of Denials
  • Follow-up on Accounts Receivable (AR)
  • Verification of Insurance Eligibility
  • Electronic Referral 
  • Scrubbing of Claims
  • Cardiology Coding for Medical Procedures 
  • Software for Customized Reporting 
  • Pre-authorization

We are with you at every step of Cardiology Medical Billing Process

The Medi Bill RCM facilitates cardiology service providers with full support in their medical billing for the services. Here is the complete process from patient registration to claiming bills. 

Patient Registration

  • Collect patient demographics and insurance information
  • Insurance eligibility verification

Patient Check-In

  • Collect co-payments and outstanding balances

Medical Coding

  • Assign appropriate CPT codes to the services provided during the patient visit
  • Assign appropriate ICD-10 diagnosis codes

Charge Entry

  • Enter coded information into the billing system

Claim Submission

  • Generate and submit claims to insurance companies
  • Ensure claims are submitted

Claim Adjudication

  • Monitor claims to ensure they are processed by insurance companies
  • Address any claim rejections or denials promptly

Payment Posting

  • Post payments and adjustments received from insurance companies
  • Generate patient statements for any remaining patient responsibility

Accounts Receivable Follow-Up

  • Follow up on unpaid claims and denied claims
  • Appeal denied claims if necessary

Patient Billing and Collections

  • Send patient statements for any outstanding balances
  • Follow up with patients regarding payment arrangements or outstanding balances

Compliance and Regulation

  • Ensure compliance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations
  • Stay up-to-date with changes in billing and coding regulations

Provider Education

  • Provide ongoing education to healthcare providers regarding documentation requirements, coding updates, and billing practices